Still, looking to build a dream house but facing difficulties? Don’t worry, Construction Mortgage Loan is a way to complete your dream well. If you are wondering whether there is a mortgage for building a house, the most appropriate answer will be: Yes! We will put you an overview of the Construction Mortgage Loan.

What is a Construction Mortgage loan?

It is a type of short-term loan, issued for the specific purpose of building a new house or any other residential property at a higher interest rate.

When the building stage finished, which is mostly a one year term, the loan becomes due and it turns into a standard home mortgage. This loan payment is for the home building as well as the renovation process. Learn different types, why we get this loan, what are the loan draws, how to get approval before breaking ground.

Types OF Construction Mortgage Loan:

There are three basic types of in which this loan works;

Construction-To-Permanent Loan:

When the building work reached to end the loan changed to a permanent mortgage. It is also called A Single Close Construction Loan, interest rates secured or locked-in at the finishing of the building. This is the best strategy for you if you have a straight forward construction plan.

Construction-Only Loan:

This type comes under such conditions, it must be paid off when the house construction finished. The loan needed the borrower to qualify, get approved and pay closing costs multiple times.

It is an option when you have large money saved and also want to attach with a permanent lender during the whole structure stage.

Raw Land Construction Loan:

It is a type in which often requires either a higher down payment or equity, depending on your financial situation.

In some cases, you should calculate your expense to do renovation and if you can do, Secure a credit extension before the start of the project. This loan is based on home values after repairing and renovation.

Why get Construction Mortgage Loan?

Purchase Equipment And Material:

You can utilize this loan to purchase material and equipment that will be used in the development of a new house.

Hiring Employees And Labours:

If you want to enlist new employees for the development purpose of home then you can utilize this loan And Labours are also required to do work then it may also use.

Overcoming Damages:

If any disaster occurs and your residential property gets deteriorate, you can use this loan to make necessary repairs.

Contingency Reserves:

In any case, if the cost of a given project exceeds the estimated cost then you can use this loan.

Interest Reserve:

If you don’t want to make interest during the process of completion of the house, then you can utilize the construction loan.

How Can You Get Approved For Construction Loan?

Is it difficult to qualify for construction a loan? Yes! A construction loan is much harder than other types of mortgages because lenders consider that there are no resources to secure the loan, just because of this you can face some tough requirements if you decide to apply.

The lenders will review;

Debt To Income Ratio:

Moneylenders for the most part anticipate that your debts should add up to close to 45% of your pay and if it is lower then much better.

Credit Score:

Most mortgages lenders needed a credit score of approximately 680 or more, less will be considered low. They can also check your personal credits history.

Down Payment:

Approximately, 15 to 20% down payment is typically required but some money lenders differ from one another.

Repayment Plan:

The lender’s confirmed that when the building will be complete how you will money back through cash or refinance.

Specific Plan:

What you have made specific detailed building plans, construction contract and cost estimate only.

Documents Required:

Moneylenders focused on the documents thoroughly;

  • Construction cost and material list estimated.
  • Completed appraisal report
  • Architectural drawing
  • Building permit
  • Construction timeline

How To choose the best lenders?

To track down the best mortgage lender, you need to search around, consider various alternatives like an online bank, broker credit unions and lenders.

Get some information about rates, credit terms, initial installments necessities, property protecting and shutting cost and expenses, all the things considered and look at these subtleties on each other. Building a home invest a long time and the process has a lot of moving parts. So, you can select your finance with care.

What Are The Construction Loan Draws?

Mostly, the main draw is 15 to 20 % consumption, in the first stage, development workers complete the excavation and foundation, it’s an optional draw.

The second one is usually at 35 to 40% completion mark otherwise also refer as a lock-up stage, this happens after finishing roofs and walls.

At 60% to 70%, the builder gets the third stage and complete the external wall cladding. After this 80 to 85% this stage is for trimming of baths and kitchen etc.

The last and the final draw is on the completion of the building which is on 100% and Each draw require an identical fee, depending on the additional legal work is required.


According to my knowledge and experience, placed the complete overview of construction Mortgage loan through which you can acquire a complete idea of a lot of things.

Still wondering whether a construction loan is best or not, it is the best option for your construction or not, Lowinterestsmortgage in Ontario, Canada would be like to help you in putting complete guide. Step Forward and Get in touch.