About Us

Who We Are

Low-Interest Mortgage’s priority is to support you in getting reliable expert advice to help you get accepted for the best mortgage at low rates to match your specific lifestyle and needs. We can help you with loan you need at a cost you can handle, whether you are purchasing your first house or trying to maximize the equity of your current home.

Our team of licensed professional mortgage brokers, partner with top lenders across Canada to find the right finance option for you. Our association with these highly valued lenders offers us exposure to a variety of mortgage products at lowest possible rates.

Why Work With Us


Low-Interest Rate

We are browsing the most affordable dealers, lenders and banks in Canada, to get you the lowest interest rates of today!


Low Mortgage Fee

We have access to the lowest lenders rates available. We additionally sacrifice a portion of the fee paid to the lender regularly to lower it even further for the clients.


Reliable Mortgage Brokers

We have experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable mortgage brokers who can help you find the right mortgage. Quality is our priority.


Guaranteed Mortgage Approval

We guarantee you the approval for a larger loan with fewer conditions if you have a good credit score.


Quick Response

We have the industry contacts and long-term relationships to quickly determine and arrange the best mortgage for you that meets your precise needs, by your deadline.


Good/Bad Credit

No matter what credit status you may have, we can engage you with mortgage lenders who have the most lenient qualifying requirements. These lenders are very flexible in assessing your mortgage application.